EN & Other Standards


EN 1090

Execution of Steel and Aluminium Structures -

Conformity Assessment

EN 1090 is the conformity assessment system which ensure that all steel and aluminium structures are produced to the Eurocode and that all quality controls are adequate and being implemented for the defined manufacturing characteristics according to the application. 


Specifically, there are controls on the traceability of materials used and the fabrication methods and inspection processes.


Applicable to - Only companies who fabricate steel or aluminium structures.

BS 11000

Collaborative Business Relationships

BS 11000 is the framework specification to create collaborative business relationships so those involved can share knowledge, skills and resources effectively, thus helping all those involved to meet mutual goals, with better cost and risk management and in the long term enhance competitiveness and performance.


Applicable to main contractors who use multiple sub-contractors or who are sub-contractors involved in projects especially wherever there is a multilevel and complex supple chain.