EN & Other Standards

EN 1090

Execution of Steel and Aluminium Structures -

Conformity Assessment

EN 1090 is the conformity assessment system which ensure that all steel and aluminium structures are produced to the Eurocode and that all quality controls are adequate and being implemented for the defined manufacturing characteristics according to the application. 


Specifically, there are controls on the traceability of materials used and the fabrication methods and inspection processes.


Applicable to - Only companies who fabricate steel or aluminium structures.

EN 9100 (AS9100)

Quality Management Systems -

Aviation, Space and Defense Organisations


ISO 14001 is the management system which ensures that you recognise the impact you have on the environment and the controls you have to minimise any possible impact of releasing harmful substances into the environment. You also have to monitor your impact and put in place measures to reduce this impact.

Applicable to - All companies, but more likely those using chemicals or having an environmental presence or clients in the environmental sector wanting to minimise their potential impact upon the environment.