BS 11000

AQS are a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of a diverse range of business sectors.


Whatever may be your driving force towards accreditation, whether to beat the competition, secure contracts, improve your business processes and/or reduce complaints, we can help and will work with you to achieve your targets.


We can help you update your existing management systems and implement the requirements in a simple and cost effective manner.



Health and Safety


Ensuring your business is safe will prevent harm to your staff, preventing fines or potential lawsuits. There is a lot of health and safety legislation that a business needs to adhere to, and AQS can help you. Our NEBOSH Qualified Health and Safety consultant can complete a safety audit to ensure your workplace is safe, and suggest improvements on any problems found. We recommend our customers to achieve ISO 45001 as this will help to ensure you are compliant with not only the ISO, but also the Law. AQS can also act as your Compentent Advisor (on a retainer).



GDPR compliance is required for all companies and organisations. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stated that although the deadline was the 25th of May 2018, they are not out to prosecute, unless there are serious breaches. They want to encourage companies to comply. If you need simple help to make sure you comply, please get in touch.



What we do

Help companies comply with or achieve various standards and directives by;

  • Producing the manuals, procedures and supporting documentation

  • Undertaking internal audits and management reviews

  • Liaising with assessing bodies

  • Offering long term support

  • Assisting in the completion of customer questionnaires

  • Supporting customer audits



At AQS we realise that you have a business to run.  Realistically, you want to spend as little time implementing and maintaining your approvals.  That's where we come in. AQS take on the work ensuring that the requirements of the standards are implemented and maintained and only involve you as and when required.


From the first meeting through to approval and on-going support, we ensure that we fit in with your routines and take as little of your and your staff's time as is practical.


The first meeting will be a fact finding one, establishing how you operate your business on a day to day basis and what are your ambitions and forecasts.  We will then put together a proposal with all of the services we offer that we believe pertain to your business, which after consultation with you, will be tailored to an individual plan for your company.  Depending on your chosen route we will then set out a time-line of action towards implementation, certification and on-going management- consisting of internal audits and management reviews.


Following on from the successful completion of internal processes we will arrange for the UKAS registered assessing body to visit and conduct the external audit. At this time we will also visit and support the external auditor so as not to take you away from your daily tasks.


Once accreditation has been achieved, we will undertake internal audits and management reviews and provide support as directed by you, our client.


What's in it for your company?
Why AQS?

You will be reassured that whatever help you need on standards or directives, you have a single source of information and support;


  • Potential business advantage

  • Review of internal processes for improved efficiency

  • On-going support

  • Help with customer questionnaires

  • Help with customer audits



We act as your business support at any time after accepting our services, we will advise you of new legislation, help complete supplier questionnaires, customer audits and conduct training in line with NEBOSH requirements.  We can even act as your HSE representative on a retainer.  We guarantee a 48 hour maximum response time to any query.


At AQS we realise that you have a business to run.  Realistically, you want to spend as little time implementing and maintaining your approvals.  That's where we come in, we take on the work ensuring that the requirements of the standards are implemented and maintained and only involve you as and when required.

Get in touch...

AQS take pride in;


  • Being friendly, reliable and professional,

  • Always up to date with the latest information on changes to standards and legislation

  • Offering a low cost and timely solution

  • Dedication to quick approval times

  • Responding to client requests within 48 hours - guaranteed

  • Always being honest and trustworthy consultants


We will get you approved,


  • with the minimum of fuss,

  • minimum impact on your business in time and effort,

  • and in the shortest possible time to meet your required targets.


We identify what needs to be done to achieve approval,


  • produce the manual, procedures and supporting documentation,

  • undertake an internal audit and management review,

  • and look after the UKAS accredited assessing body on the day of the assessment,

  • once approved, we carry out long term support, undertaking the internal audits, management reviews and any support required to maintain your approval.


In addition, we can support you at any time after this, e.g. filling in questionnaires, customer audits, information on any other standards, obtaining any standards (often at a discounted price).  Any contact from you either by phone or e-mail, will get a response within 48 hours.  If we can resolve your issues without involving a visit, then of course it will be at no or a minimal cost.


We are a team of highly educated, qualified and personable individuals with years of experience working across multiple sectors.  We liaise with our clients and those employed with them seamlessly - the majority of our clients have been with us since the inception of our or their companies!


In summary - we do simple, cost-effective, non-invasive implementation of standards and directives, with on-going support without charging a fortune.


If you are interested, choose the standard or directive from the Contact Us list and send us an enquiry - we'll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and arrange a preliminary meeting to explain in detail the process to approval, supported by a written quote with time-scales and costs.